List of Societies in Dwarka

What are CGHS Society Flats?

Cooperative Group Housing Societies is what you will find in the Dwarka Sub City in large. All the societies and apartments that are building and being constructed within the boundaries of Dwarka are supervised by the CHGS members and these residential society flats are often available for sale, purchase and renting as well. In the Dwarka Sub City, these society flats are predominantly allotted to the members, however, at the time of resale, property investors, buyers, renters and sellers do take these Dwarka Society Flats into their sheer consideration.

Here, we’re unveiling the list of societies where society flats are available for the rent, sale and purchase, and to know options, simply checkout the list below.

Sector 2

Sector 3

Sector 4

Sector 5

Sector 6

Sector 7

Sector 9

Sector 10

Sector 11

Sector 12

Sector 13

Sector 18A

Sector 19

Sector 22

Sector 23