Golf Course

Golf Course Dwarka

Are you in love with golf? Do you stay in the Dwarka Sub City? Well, if your answer to these questions is an affirmative YES, then you can certainly feel fortunate.

In this beautiful sub city of Dwarka, the Delhi Development Authority has planned to create a comprehensive golf course, which will magnetize the emerging and aspiring golfers from across the city.

The site proposed for the Dwarka Golf course is at the road adjacent to the proposed international convention centre at the Dwarka Sector 24, which is conveniently connected to the road and the Delhi metro. This golf course will contain 18 holes, which will cover approximately 7300 yards. Rest, the golf course will introduce a training centre, club house, maintenance areas, storage and water facilities and a modern drainage system, which will assist in the proper maintenance of the course and its surroundings. Also, adequate area has been allotted for the car parking to fulfill the requirements during the national and international golfing events.

This amazing Dwarka City Golf Course will meet the international standard and magnetize the golf authorities and committees from across the planet. The course will be designed and developed after contemplating the requirements of national and international golf tournaments. 

Thus, residing around this course will certainly give you sense of pleasure and originate a golfer inside you.