List Of Commercial Sectors

Commercial Property, Office Space and Shops In Dwarka

Within the fine vicinity of Dwarka Sub City, shoppers and buyers can get a treat at the markets available in Sector 6 and Sector 10, Dwarka, which is popularly named as central market. During the evening, crowd in large comes to this place to live their shopping dream. Apart from this, Sector 4, Sector 5, Sector 11 & Sector 12 Dwarka and Sector 20 is known for Marble market. Ramphal Chowk, Rajapuri Main road and Dabri Palam Road are also the prominent areas from where the shoppers do purchase products according to their needs and requirements. Here, the commercial properties are available for sale, purchase and renting as the shoppers are frequently landing in the aforementioned Dwarka markets. International brands have already targeted these overcrowded markets in Dwarka. That is why; the people are availing branded products often from these respective commercial places.

Shopping Malls in Dwarka

In the developing Dwarka Sub City, builders are often creating commercial spaces in the form of Dwarka Shopping malls that are under construction, however, there are few shopping malls, which are already functioning and active in sectors like 7, 14, 19, 22 and 23. If we be precise, then following are the Dwarka shopping malls that are prominent within the boundaries of the Dwarka Sub City and are people’s favorite, such as Vardhman Star City Mall (Sector 7), Vardhman Crown Mall (Sector 19), Vardhman City Mall (Sector 23), Vardhman City Mall (Sector 23), Eros Metro Mall (Sector 14), Manish Global Mall (Sector 22).

Local Shopping Complexes (LSC)in Dwarka

To gratify the people’s regular needs and requirements, local shopping complexes (LSCs) are available in almost every sector of the Dwarka Sub City. These local shopping complexes (LSCs) aren’t covering much of the land but are located within decent vicinity, which is sufficient to position few elementary shops from where the basic goods and resources can be purchased at reasonable prices. As these shopping complexes (LSCs) are located at every Dwarka sector, shoppers actually don’t have to struggle a lot in the quest of the daily household items.

Following are the sectors considered as Commercial Hubs in the Dwarka Sub City:-

Commercial Property in Sector 4
Commercial Property in Sector 5
Commercial Property in Sector 6
Commercial Property in Sector 10
Commercial Property in Sector 11
Commercial Property in Sector 12

Commercial Property in Sector 20