Society Flats - DDA Flats in Dwarka Sector 2

Sector-2 Dwarka

Another prime location that catches everyone’s eyes in Dwarka is Sector 2. It’s a decently developed corner of the Dwarka Sub City that is deemed as one of the preferred residential lands for the property seekers. Likewise Dwarka Sector 1, Sector 2 also put across frequent buying, selling and renting services of Dwarka properties to the general public and dealers, apart from the high travel connectivity to those who travel very often. Services of the main Dwarka Road take the travelers from Sector 2 towards the Palam International Airport that opens myriad paths connecting to the other major parts of the capital. At one end, Dwarka Sector 2 residents are enclosed by Sector 1 and the connected colonies, whereas Sector 6 is highly accessible at the either end. On the whole, Dwarka Sector 2 is a perfect package for the residents who are in the quest of a perfect colony to reside in.

Available Properties for Sale and Rent in Sector 2 Dwarka New Delhi

Commercial Property

From the commercial perspective, Sector 2 is a considerable corner in the Dwarka Sub City as we can witness the local shopping complexes and decent markets within the nearby areas like Sector 6 and 10. Read more

Residential Flats

In terms of residential property, Dwarka Sector 2 primarily offers 11 Societies (CGHS) and 2 DDA Flats Pockets (societies) in total, which is indeed a treat for the property dealers and buyers.


The broad road that is being measured around 45-60 meters in Dwarka Sector 2 is the best from local connectivity’s point of view, and it is designed to direct the travelers from Dwarka Sector 2 to Sector 1, 6 and the nearby colonies, apart from the Sector 10 Metro Station. Unlike other sectors, Sector 2, Dwarka Bus Depot that promises brisk and instant local bus service to the residents and frequent travelers. Metro Feeder buses are the other transportation alternatives that travelers have in hand.


Government schools and a college (Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences) positioned at Dwarka Sector 2 delivers quality education to the students and aspiring sciensists.


General services like banking, health and finance are easily obtainable from the surrounding sectors of Sector 2, Dwarka, and because of the direct connectivity, it isn’t a hassle to get there to avail the same. Especially for the senior citizens, an old age home named “Godhuli” has also been constructed within the accessible range of Dwarka Sector 2.

Amenities and Supplementary Facilities

Offering clean and genial environment to the Sector 2 inhabitants are the centrally located parks. On the contrary, uninterrupted power, water and LPG gas supply is being assured by the local governing authorities.


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