DDA LIG & Janta Flats in Dwarka Sector 16B

Sector-16 Dwarka

Known particularly because of the Guru Gobind Singh University, Dwarka Sector 16 also offers the high class educational services being offered by the Presidium Public School and few other Government schools located at Dwarka Sector 16B. Also, the legal education being delivered at National Law University is enclosed by Dwarka Sector 16 making it an educational hub for the education seekers. Positioned near sector 14, 15 and 17, Sector 16has been demarcated into 4 areas that are elaborated below:-

Available Properties for Sale and Rent in Sector 16 Dwarka New Delhi

Dwarka Sector 16A

This demarcated are includes 3 Settlement Plot sites.

Dwarka Sector 16B

The availability of Janta Flats is prominent here. Also, it’s the only area in the entire Dwarka Sub City where properly designed Janta Flats can be marked. Interested property buyers can even target these LIG & Janta flats for the resale, purchase or renting as well, where few flats have been allotted to CRPF.

Dwarka Sector 16C

The one and only university in the Dwarka Sub City is positioned within the premises ofDwarka Sector 16C, which is popularly known as Guru Gobind Singh University.

Dwarka Sector 16D

The sole branch of Delhi Jal Board is sited at Dwarka Sector 16D that puts this place into people’s attention.

dwarka sector-16 map