Dwarka: the Prime Place to Set up New Office in Dwarka Delhi

27Jan 2017

Dwarka, located in the South West district of the national capital, is a neighbourhood locality of Delhi. It is structured into Cooperative Group Housing Societies and is one of the much desired residential areas in the country. And with latest real estate investments and lucrative projects coming up and lined up over the coming years, it has gained enough traction to become of the most sought after place to set up office.

DDA’s New Housing Scheme to Be Commenced In March in All Likeliness

18Jan 2017

The Delhi Development Authority’s much anticipated and appreciated proposal of the new Housing Scheme with almost 12000 flats is now in likelihood to be launched in the month of March. It was previously slated to be launched around January 26th but the demonetisation delayed it by a month. Basic lack of infrastructure around few particular areas has also aided in delaying of the launch of the scheme. A senior DDA official said: “Certain pockets of areas falling under the scheme lack basic infrastructure around flats like link roads, street lights and so we will address these issues.

Demonetisation Hits the Real Estate Market

10Jan 2017

On 8th December 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared 500 and 1000 rupees notes as illegal tender and legalisation of newly designed 500 and 2000 tender; the phenomenon commonly known as demonetisation. Over the duration after that, there has been discussion aplenty about the effects of demonetisation on the real estate industry. It is anticipated that this step will flush out all the illegal currency from the real estate market and bring price equalisation across all the fields and make property owning easily affordable for one and all.

Centre Approves the New Second Diplomatic Enclave to Come Up in Dwarka Delhi

06Jan 2017

The central government of India, at a Union Cabinet Meeting helmed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the land transfer for holding the second Diplomatic Enclave in Dwarka, the south-west neighbourhood of the national capital, Delhi. So, the enclave is all set to be up at sector 24 Dwarka. It has been almost been eight years since this enclave was promised to be held at Dwarka but finally it comes to fruition.

Time to Fulfill Your Big House Dream in Dwarka

04Jan 2017

Have you ever thought of owning a beautiful house in a beautiful, clean, pollution free, close to nature place, and with all the facilities that make life easy? Or are you planning to move to a new place with all these things, but have not really found the right place yet? If yes, then Dwarka Delhi is the best place that you should look for. Situated in the neighborhood of Delhi, the sub- city (Dwarka) has all the amenities and services that you will get in the city.

Moving With Your Family to Fully Furnished Apartments for Sale and Rent in Dwarka

28Dec 2016

Moving house and the family is not an easy decision to make. You have a lot of things to keep in mind while you are deciding to rent a new place. It is not going to be easy the shifting part but finding a good and fully furnished apartment to rent in a place like Delhi, you need to get in touch with the best real estate agents who have been known in this industry and the area that you are looking for the house.

Grab Your Own Space with Ready to Move Flats in Dwarka Delhi

15Dec 2016

Nothing is better in this world than owning your own space and living life to the fullest. Be it ensuring security, independence or enjoying self-happiness, living in your own house has its own charm. It’s a fact that when a person starts to earn, his main aim is to save money and own a house. When it comes to buying a flat, the two options available are- ready to move flats and under construction flats. When you decide to buy a ready flat, there are several advantages. Let’s take the example of ready to move flats in Dwarka Delhi.  

You Like It, You Get It

Duplex Flat for Sale and Rent in Dwarka and Their Benefits

08Dec 2016

Duplex house is the best type of house to live as it has a lot of space and gives all the family members their required privacy. You will find amazing and beautiful designs of duplex apartment for sale and rent in Dwarka. They have the best deigns that will make it difficult for you to choose from. If you own one and don’t have a big family you could either rent the top or the bottom floor as per your convenience and get good profit from it.

Step into a Peaceful Life with Affordable Housing in Dwarka

02Dec 2016

Over the years, India’s real estate industry has witnessed a fine growth with Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi NCR being the chief contributors. Delhi, in particular has been shown commendable growth in terms of residential properties. During the recent past, Dwarka in Delhi has been attracting lot of eye balls solely due to its affordable housing schemes. Let’s dive deep into the reasons that are compelling people to flock here to buy their dream home in Dwarka:

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