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Relaxing Drive with Underpass, Flyover from Dwarka to Gurgaon

01Jun 2017

It will be more comfortable and smoother to travel Delhi’s Dwarka from Vasant Kunj, Dhaula Kuan and Gurgaon than ever before as Delhi government has planned 2 underpasses and a flyover on NH-8.     


However, AAI (Airports Authority of India) has raised an opposition over the flyover’s height as it is near to runway 29.  

First Underpass- From Vasant Kunj Sector-C

The first underpass will begin from Vasant Kunj Sector-C and connect Urban Extension Road 2, going under the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway that runs parallel to the boundary wall of airport and connects to Dwarka. This underpass will be around 3.2km long. It will help travelers avoid taking the jam-packed Mahipalpur road to reach Dwarka.       


Public Works Department (PWD) said, “We have planned two bypasses namely northern and southern access from Vasant Kunj. Under southern bypass, travelers to Gurgaon and Dwarka will take an advantage. Under the northern access, signal free access is given to the airport from Vasant Kunj with the support of 2 flyovers and 1 underpass.”       


PWD had performed a project’s feasibility study and has given it to National Highways Authority of India. The project will be returned to PWD for implementation once NHAI’s work is completed and the project receives no-objection from all related agencies.     


An 800m long flyover is also projected on National Highway 8 for traffic arriving from Dhaula Kuan and headed to Gurgaon.


“Adding up right turn on the expressway would quite disturbing for the traffic movement, a flyover was planned to turn the traffic right and ensure it goes directly to Dwarka road, without disturbing the vehicle run on expressway. The work will start very soon after Mahipalpur flyover,” official stated.      

Second Underpass- From UER-II

The second underpass would be 800m long and help travelers coming from Dwarka and headed to Gurgaon. At the present time, they have to go towards Delhi taking U-turn.  


The underpass will begin from UER-II and pass under the expressway and then combine with the National Highway 8 towards Gurgaon. Traffic from Dwarka to Vasant Kunj can go with first underpass and take second underpass to go to Gurgaon.   

Confirmation of the proposal of underpass

The Delhi government has also confirmed the proposal of underpass between Vasant Kunj and airport. AAI has given its run for the project, which PWD hopes to complete before 2019.


Flyover at Vasant Kunj side and at the airport side has also been proposed.