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Owning a Property in Dwarka Is Worth Millions

05Sep 2016

A property in Dwarka is really worth millions as you will not get any place that is clean, liveable and pollution free in the surroundings of Delhi. There has been immense development in this area in the recent years and the development is still increasing. You have probably every facility in the surroundings of Dwarka. There is a phrase called “Dilwalo ki Dilli” and you find the real “Dilwalas” here in Dwarka.

This place is very well planned and managed by the municipality as well. You may feel that its quite far from the main city or things like that but there is a lot that you need to know about this place that you will come to know by the end of this article. So, let’s get straight into our discussion as to why one should own a property in Dwarka.

This Place is Clean Tidy and Well Managed

The Delhi municipality manages the whole Dwarka area and makes sure that the place is very clean. You may not be aware of this but this place is one of the cleanest places in Delhi to live in. There is full sweeping of roads every morning by the municipal workers who do it quite diligently.

Then for household garbage you have two ways the first one is they come to collect garbage in your area or you can help yourself by throwing the garbage in the huge garbage bins that are located in every locality and garbage trucks come to pick it up every single day. This place also has some greenery so you receive fresh air all day. The municipal corporation has planted quite a number of trees here to support the green initiative by the government.

Properties are Affordable Here

A property in Dwarka is relatively cheaper than the properties in Delhi or central Delhi where most of the people have already packed themselves leaving no scope of growth. On an average you will have to spend around 1 crore on buying a good property in Delhi but here you get the same thing a little cheaper like 80 – 90 lakh. Its not that this place still has to be developed but its already developed and well planned than most of the very famous and posh areas in the city.

There are ready 2bhk or 3bhk flats for sale here which are in locations that are quite near to the lifeline of the city that’s Delhi metro. If you think about education of your children there are quite a number of good schools in this area. There is also a university here for your older kids who have passed 12th standard.

Future Prospect of these Properties

Buy a property in Dwarka as soon as possible because as the time goes off the rates will increase. The properties here are in high demand now due to the advantages this place has. There are a lot of very good locations with awesome properties left here so you can surely go ahead and buy. Even if you do not want to shift from your present location you can still buy a property here and when rates are high you can sell it and earn a huge profit.

This investment will not let you down in future, there are multiple gains with the price of real estate rising everyday these properties will soon be the most expensive and most wanted locations in Delhi. People from all over the country own flats here so you can also be a part.


So it’s all said and done by us, now it’s your turn and if you are wondering where to find the best deals on properties then find it here.