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Latest News - Land Pooling Plan Promotes Housing Boom in Dwarka-like Sub-cities

19Jun 2017

India’s capital Delhi will get the housing boom with around 24 lakh residential segments to arrive in the coming 5 years according to the land pooling plan.


Delhi Master Plan 2021, projects there will be around 230 lakh inhabitants by 2021 in the capital. As a result of which, there would be the need for 24 lakh new housing units. So far, DDA has created 11.69 lakh dwelling units in the metropolis.   


Under the plan, the proprietor will have an option to give his property to DDA for improvement. After the successful placing or construction of the roads, water, power, and sewage lines, a certain section of the developed land will be given back to the proprietors. The owners can then build the apartments on this developed area by working in partnership with the real estate players.    

Division of the Total Area into 5 Zones

The areas have been partitioned into 5 zones- L, N, P-II, K-I and J for the execution of the plan across 89 villages. The property parcels for expansion fall West, North-West, North, South, and South-West of the capital.

Delhi's Land Pooling Plan

Best Areas N & L Zones

N & L have vital physical as well as economical features to expand as autonomous sub-cities, urban development department of the Delhi government stated.   


L zone housing societies located adjacent to Dwarka which just got a new water treatment facility. It is also the largest pocket with 22,840 hectares area and has parts of Qazipur and Samaspur Khalsa, Dichaon Kalan, and Najafgarh.     

What Obstacles are coming?

Various regions assigned for the plan are already in those zones of Delhi that are suffering from water-related problems, said experts. Ramesh Menon director of Certes Realty said DDA and Delhi government need to work as one to restart non-operational water reservoirs in order to accomplish the demand in the recently developed areas.      


Dwarka developed as a sub-city got the ample water supply only 2 years ago. Vasant Kunj also faced water scarcity.      


Harmonization between agencies such as MCDs, PWD, and DDA make sure the great success of land pooling policy.

How proprietors can take advantage of the Policy?

The land, which will be given back to the farmers, will act like a Gold Mine as they would get developed completely as housing pockets that they can soon sell off at the better price. Also, they can sign an agreement with developers facilitating constructing and selling dwelling units.

DDA Land Pooling Latest News

The Delhi government has declared that 89 villages will be urbanized in Delhi. Land pooling policy is fully operational as of now.