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250 Kids in Dwarka, Delhi got TC- Reason Announced is not making Fee

08May 2017

Last year in 2016, in the month of June Delhi Government warned as per some written and approved norms to the schools for avoiding violation for children. These all issued warning were for increment of school fee and not calling parent-teacher meets every month.


This survey says that Parents have complaint about the school administration that they just alleged approximately 250 students just because of not depositing the fees they were asking for. This incident was for one of the well known schools in Dwarka, Delhi. At the other end, the opposite side announces that they just issued TC to 41 students only.


According to Presidium School CEO G S Matharoo said, “Forty-one students were only issued TC as just because of they were not making payment (the school fee) properly since last two years”.


At the other end statement from president of Dwarka Parents Association Aprajita alleged is as, “Students from Class I to X those are around 250 in number are student of Presidium School in Dwarka Sector 16B and Dwarka Sector 22 branch for the same school where for 50 students they issued transfer certificates. And the reason behind it the school revealed is not paying fee on time or making delay in fee payment”.


A mother of the student from all those who get TC says, “Once I receive the TC, I am not sending my child to that school,” she alleged that the children were forcefully set into the library since a long time when they got TC from the school.


Sunil Verma, a father of a student says, “My daughter is also one of the students of this school’ branches, she also has been handed her TC because we were not ready to pay that much amount the school asked from us. He alleged that the school authorities were compelling them along with other parents to deposit Rs 50,000 as annual development fee and it was for per student per annum. However, we didn’t see any improvement and development in the school since last year then, why they are asking such big amount. For the same, a case is running in the Delhi High Court.”


According to last year warning to the school associations in Dwarka “The Department of Education (DoE) has alleged and issued stern directions specially to the Presidium School, Dwarka, Sector 16B, over such unwanted and unacceptable violations of several norms like fee increment and not offering proper classes to the children,”

One more order was issued this year to the school that day by “Department of Education” and it is the ultimatum to the school for returning that extra fee collected from parents by making them fool.